Sport mattresses

We produce mattresses in any size, according to the customer's need.

Our sport mattresses ensure safety while bouldering, in accordance with the standards in force. They are custom-made and perfectly adapted to the space, in order to avoid the dangerous cavities between them. We produce safety mats using our own unique structure, which is already tested in several gyms in Poland.

The safety mate is designed according to the project of the wall. We collaborate with walls manufacturers. In any case, a 2D project or – if necessary – a 3D project is carried out.  Our products are covered by a 24-month warranty. If the mattress needs to be replaced in the building, which is open during the day, we can make a mat from prefabricated elements and install it while the building is closed.

What are the characteristics of our mats?

a foam insert made of high-strength foam
PVC cover weighing 900g/m2
velcro closure
easy to clean
wide choice of colors