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BaRocka company started its activity in 2015. Our first project was a small bouldering room with a surface area of about 20 m2 in the attic in Bolechowice, near Cracow. Our next projects were: a climbing wall in the aquapark in Zakopane and an external climbing wall in the thermal pools Gorący Potok in Szaflary.

After completing these projects we were noticed by one of the oldest commercial climbing gyms in Poland, ReniSport from Cracow. The owners of the facility decided to change its location and to build a completely new climbing panel. The project involved the construction of about 700 m2 of climbing area and its execution time, since we became aware of investor’s expectations, was of about two months. Thanks to this challenge we realized that this was exactly what we wanted to do. In our opinion, the construction of climbing walls is one of most enjoyable forms of work that an enthusiast of climbing, design, creation and wood processing can do.

Another realization was the Mobius climbing center. The project involved the transformation of the old cinema Romantica, a place well-known to the inhabitants of Kielce. During the works the building was divided into three zones and there were built: a bouldering gym, an 11-meter-high climbing wall and an original project for the youngest climbers - a wall with marvelous murals.

Subsequently, we were commissioned to supply a climbing panel for the construction of a mobile climbing wall for ReniSport, which confirms the full satisfaction of the investor with our previous realization..

At the time of writing this text, we are working on our last project in Plewiska, near Poznań. The project includes the construction of a 350 m2 climbing wall in the center Rezon. We have already completed the extension of the climbing panel and now we are setting the routs. During the year we built over 1800 m2 of climbing panel.

Our team is made up of passionate climbers, who want to share their passion and create climbing opportunities for many people. The core of our company consists of two specialists of complementary skills - an architect and an automation specialist - who have a perennial experience in wood processing. Our panels are designed and machined using a CNC tool, which allows us to achieve very high precision.